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How It Works

How Foreclosure Sales Work in GA

Georgia has a non-judicial foreclosure system.* A lender hires an attorney as a debt collector, who, if the debt remains unresolved after four weeks of notices, sells the property at the county courthouse steps to the highest bidder. If the property has a good deal of equity, real estate investors will compete to purchase the home, often spending tens of thousands of dollars beyond the opening bid. So what happens to all of that money? Initially, it goes to satisfy the payoff amount of the foreclosed mortgage, then to any junior mortgages, and finally to any unpaid taxes or liens against the property. Whatever remains after that should go to the owner of the house, but more often than not, it never reaches them because it goes unclaimed.

* In the United States, a foreclosure is of two types, judicial and non-judicial, which varies by state. In the 19 states where all foreclosures are judicial, the court handles and oversees all aspects of the process. In the 31 states (including Georgia) that have non-judicial foreclosures, where attorneys are hired as debt collectors on behalf of lenders.

How We Help

Our Simple 2-Step Process

1. Inform & Identify

We have analysts who research and monitor foreclosure auctions, which allows us to determine which properties are likely to have surplus funds. We then notify homeowners that they may be entitled to a sum of money and confirm after a short interview.

2. Agree & Get Paid

Next, we make an agreement to issue a portion of those funds immediately. Once signed, we hand you a check right then and there. If and when more money becomes available, we give you another check!

Delta Home Investments takes its fees only

when money is recovered for you.

We've made it easy to claim your money.

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