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Client Testimonials

Recent WINS for our clients

"Well, that was worth it!"

Lena W

Conyers, GA

8/2022 - Over $81k

"Thank you!"

Melika W

Jonesboro, GA

8/2022 - Over $9k

"I'm so grateful to you all for reaching out."

Tawanna S

Covington, GA

8/2022 - Over $18k

"You guys really fought hard for me. The best [part] was when you had to educate the foreclosure attorney that handled my case! Thank you for all your help and staying in touch."

Emma C

Buford, GA

8/2022 - Over $50k

"Thank you!"

Mario R

Watkinsville, GA

8/2022 - Over $1k

"Between Probate Court and the Lender, Delta saved me so much headache. I really appreciate all the hard work. Thanks again."

Sharon G

Jackson, GA

8/2022 - Over $30k

"I'm speechless!"

Ramona T

Douglasville, GA

8/2022- Over $10k

"Delta really helped me out when I needed it the most. It was hard enough losing my mother and on top of that, it was difficult to see her home go. So when you guys reached out to me and offered to help it was such a relief. I am so thankful to you all because this money will really help."

Christopher F

Covington, GA

6/2022 - Over $24k

"Dealing with the mortgage company was a hassle. You all got me money that I wasn't even expecting, so this was a great bonus. Thank you for all that you did for me!"

Paul T

Cleveland, GA

6/2022 - Over $13k

"I cannot thank you enough... Who would have thought we'd get anything from my mother's estate?! Thank you Delta Home Investments!"

Jack P

Snellville, GA

6/2022 - Over $9k

"I thought this was a total loss, but you turned it into a win! Thank you so much!"

William J

Lithonia, GA

6/2022 - Over $19k

"I was in a bad state, but you all got me much-needed money to help move on!"

Melissa J

Eatonton, GA

6/2022 - Over $9k

"Hands down, Delta Home Investments was AMAZING!"

Marcus B

Rex, GA

6/2022 - Over $1k

"You all have done an excellent job, I'm so happy!"

Phyllis S

Atlanta, GA

5/2022 - Over $3k

"Y'all made the whole process very easy and efficient! We did not know about this and the way you reached out was professional and informative."

Adrianna A

Monroe, GA

3/2022 - Over $5k

"You guys were wonderful and Kristy communicated very well. Keep doing what you do!"

Antonio W

Conyers, GA

3/2022 - Over $4k

"You guys were great! There is nothing you could have done better and I really appreciate the help!"

Dale S

Covington, GA

3/2022 - Over $10k

"It was worth the wait! We thank you very much!! Expecting nothing and getting something is AWESOME. My [late] mother would thank you also."

Steven H

Stockbridge, GA

3/2022 - Over $33k

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"[Delta Home Investments] gave me a call after my house had sold at auction that was foreclosed on. So I was upset - I thought I had a contract & was going to sell [the house] myself, privately, but [I couldn't]. [They] informed me that it was sold and how much [of the funds] I was entitled to...You can believe I'm going to tell EVERYBODY I know that's gonna lose something and be like, 'You gotta call them!' because they got me recovered. I am REALLY happy!"

- Serina N.

Sugar Hill, GA

"Delta Home Investments to the rescue!"

- A. Happy Camper

Anywhere, GA

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