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"Honestly, I thought it might be a scam, but then I saw you were accredited by the BBB, and then when I saw the office I realized these guys are no joke. Glad I followed through!"

Jason L.

Lula, GA

2/2022 - Over $6k

"We could hardly believe how this turned into such a win for us! Thank you so much for reaching out to us."

Amber & William S.

Lavonia, GA

1/2022 - Over $10k

"Wow! This was a pleasant surprise! Y'all turned a disaster into a miracle."

Patrick L.

Dustin, GA

2/2022 - Over $9k

"Thank you so much! I would not have known about this or had any way to claim the funds if it wasn't for you guys."

Torian C.

Canton, GA

2/2022 - Over $35k

"Initially, I sent my realtor to inquire about them because it seemed too good to be true. But, she not only said they were legit, but she was shocked at how generous their offer was and encouraged me to sign with them. I went in and signed the next day. They responded to all my questions and concerns and kept me in the loop. Within a few months, I got a check that I was really not expecting. This [foreclosure] turned out to be a real blessing in disguise. I appreciate and thank them for all the work."

James P.

Roswell, GA

12/2021 - Over $30k

"I would've never even known there was money available for me, much less had somebody reach out to me & advocate on my behalf. They even gave me an advance & arranged to allow me to stay in the house for an extra 6 weeks while we waited for the check."

Greg T.

McDonough, GA

9/2021 - Over $9k

"Delta Home Investments got me my assets and turned what I thought was a loss into a HUGE win! I cannot thank you guys enough."

Serena N.

Sugar Hill, GA

7/2021 - Over $58k

"They reached out to us; we had no idea! Throughout the whole process, everything went smoothly. They handled things very professionally and we got the money we were looking for."

Crystal. S

Griffin, GA

8/2021 - Over $25k

"Thank you for letting us know about this! We didn’t know or think about it until you reached out to us."

Sheila S.

Villa Rica, GA

4/2021 - Over $37k

"Real pleasure to work with. DHI responded with numbers and kept me informed the whole time. I'm glad you all gave us a call to help us out in this situation. Thank you very much!"

Brian S.

Conyers, GA

3/2021 - Over $11k

"Thank you guys so much. This was truly unexpected. You should know that you and your team changed the outcome of not just my life but my family's and hopefully many more to come. You guys are truly honorable people and you have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that humanity exists and is present in these times."

Stephen S.

Monticello, GA

2/2021 - Over $3k


Clyde R.

Griffin, GA

2/2021 - Over $4k

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"[Delta Home Investments] gave me a call after my house had sold at auction that was foreclosed on. So I was upset - I thought I had a contract & was going to sell [the house] myself, privately, but [I couldn't]. [They] informed me that it was sold and how much [of the funds] I was entitled to...You can believe I'm going to tell EVERYBODY I know that's gonna lose something and be like, 'You gotta call them!' because they got me recovered. I am REALLY happy!"

- Serina N.

Sugar Hill, GA

"Delta Home Investments to the rescue!"

- A. Happy Camper

Anywhere, GA

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