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Frequently Asked Questions

Surplus funds are not something people often hear about.

We get a variety of questions -

See if yours is addressed below:

How do I know if I'm eligible to receive surplus funds?

Delta Home Investments attends auctions throughout Georgia and researches real estate patterns to determine which properties likely have surplus funds available. If we reached out to you, it is because we predict you have a good shot at getting money from the sale.

How much money can I get?

This is determined case by case.

Our research gives us an estimate, which we disclose in our conversations and agreements.

Our clients receive anywhere from $3,000 to well over $100,000 depending on their case.

Is this a scam?

Scams are plentiful these days. We understand the information and services we provide are novel to most people, so they may doubt the legitimacy of our claims.

Knowing this, we invite you to vet our business and its practices:

Visit us at our offices at 5945 Peachtree Corners East, Norcross, GA 30071. You'll see our operations and meet with our team.

Contact our attorneys with whom we've worked for 15+ years and who draft our paperwork. Please see the links to their sites & contact info here.

If I have a will, do I have to go through probate? Is it worth it?

The presence of a will requires that a probate court assigns an Estate Executor. If probate has been completed, we need the Letters Testamentary to ensure funds are released.

If probate has not yet been completed and you are unsure if it is worth the efforts, we reach out to the relevant parties on your behalf to determine whether the surplus is available and worth pursuing.

What if there is no will for a deceased mortgagor?

When no Will exists, there is a workaround that allows you as an heir to be appointed the administrator of the estate. This is called Letters of Administration.

We work with our partner attorneys to file the petition on your behalf.

What do you charge?

Nothing upfront. We do all the work at no cost to you. This includes research, drafting, and filing paperwork. We send documents and return labels to you via our own FedEx account; we don't even want you to pay for a notary.

We only get paid if and when you get paid.

Because the true presence of surplus funds is unknown until parties are formally petitioned, we sign an agreement beforehand that allocates a specific amount or percentage upon the funds' release.

How soon do I find out if there is money?

Every case is different. Every lender, attorney, and county have their own processes, even before individual circumstances are taken into account. That being said, we usually receive a breakdown of numbers within 7-10 business days of filing the appropriate paperwork. From that time, it usually takes a few weeks for funds to be released.

What if no money is available?

If no money is available it is usually due to an unexpectedly high payoff amount or a previously undisclosed debt leveraged by the lender. In these cases, we audit the accounting for accuracy and demand clarification of any seemingly superfluous charges. If said charges are shown to be valid, we inform you of the numbers we are given.

If no funds are available, you do not owe us any money whatsoever.

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