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To get the process started, we just need your name, contact info & the address of the home.

2. Consult with us

We meet with you (by phone, online, or in-person) to discuss your case in detail.

It's good to know the payoff amount of the foreclosed loan.

3. Sign paperwork

We use custom legal instruments developed in partnership with attorneys.

Some situations requiring additional items are handled directly by our attorneys, at no charge to you.

That's it!

We handle the rest. We keep you informed every step of the way as we liaise with all parties.

The best part is when we hand you the check!

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who chose Delta Home Investments!

"Thank you guys so much. This was truly unexpected. You should know that you and your team changed the outcome of not just my life but my family's and hopefully many more to come. You guys are truly honorable people and you have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that humanity exists and is present in these times."

- Stephen S.

Monticello, GA

2/2021 - Over $3k

"Delta really helped me out when I needed it the most. It was hard enough losing my mother and on top of that, it was difficult to see her home go. So when you guys reached out to me and offered to help it was such a relief. I am so thankful to you all because this money will really help."

- Christopher F.

Covington, GA

6/2022 - Over $24k

"Delta Home Investments got me my assets and turned what I thought was a loss into a HUGE win! I cannot thank you guys enough."

- Serena S.

Sugar Hill, GA

7/2021 - Over $58k

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